1995 Awards

Watch the video of the 1995 Goldsmith Awards ceremony: Video

Goldsmith Career Award Winner:

Mike Wallace

Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting Winner:

The Miami Herald
Lizette Alvarez and Lisa Getter
“Lost in America: Our Failed Immigration Policy”


ABC News, “Day One”
Walt Bogdanich
“Smoke Screen, Parts I and II”

The Dallas Morning News
Susan Feeney and Steve McGonigle
“Voting Rights: The Next Generation”

The Washington Post
Dan Morgan
“How Medicaid Grew”

The Chicago Sun-Times
Charles Neubauer, Mark Brown and Michael Briggs
“The Rostenkowski Investigation”

U.S. News & World Report
Joseph Shapiro, Penny Loeb, Susan Headden, Dave Bowermaster, Andrea Wright and Tom Toch
“Separate and Unequal”

Goldsmith Book Prize Winner:

William Hoynes
Public Television for Sale: Media, the Market and the Public Sphere

Ceremony Date

March 9, 1995


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