2013 Winner, Goldsmith Career Award

Nicholas D. Kristof

Nicholas Kristof has been a columnist for The New York Times since 2001. He grew up on a farm in Oregon, graduated from Harvard, studied law at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and then studied Arabic in Cairo. He was a longtime foreign correspondent for The New York Times and speaks various languages.

In addition to winning the 2013 Goldsmith Career Award, Kristof has won two Pulitzer Prizes for his coverage of Tiananmen Square and the genocide in Darfur, along with many humanitarian awards such as the Anne Frank Award and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

In his keynote address, Kristof called for more risk taking in media as well as increased engagement with a global world. The press must experiment with new platforms and find new business models, he said, and journalism must confront the growing mistrust the public feels toward it. “At its best, this can still really play such an important role in any society,” he told the audience.

Watch his keynote address here.

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