Stock Option Abuses

Using a combination of investigative reporting and scientific research the team revealed how, through “unethical manipulation,” top executives had amassed millions of dollars in stock options. The series led to a federal investigation of over 100 companies and forced many executives to step down.

Tax Cheats

The New York Times published articles on tax dodges by corporations and wealthy individuals, which have led to investigations by the IRS.

Abuse of Campaign Finance Laws

Duffy, Novak and Weisskopf labored at the nexus of big money and politics. This required them to pore for days at a time over cartons of Federal Election Commission and court documents, to wheedle information from reluctant sources a sentence at a time. Their persistence paid off in three dozen pathbreaking stories on campaign finance in 1997, many of which were picked up and credited by major newspapers and TV news shows.

Armed for Profit: The Selling of U.S. Weapons

An expose by Charles Sennott detailing the complicity of the US government and corporates in marketing advanced conventional weapons the world to boost profits. This came at the expense of jobs at home and the threat of global instability.

Foreign Contributions Riddle

Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech

Warehouses of Wealth: The Tax-Free Economy

This appeared as a seven-part series in which reporters Neill Borowski and Gilbert Gaul shed light on the abuse of tax-exempt status by non-profit organizations to evade taxes.