Thanks for Nothing

Kors revealed how military doctors are purposely misdiagnosing soldiers wounded in Iraq as having been ill before joining the Army. His investigations resulted in a congressional hearing, bills in the House and Senate, and an added amendment to the Defense Authorization Act.

Embedded: The Media at War in Iraq

“Embedded” is a collection of deeply emotional and highly personal accounts of covering the Iraq War. Many of the world’s top war correspondents and photographers speak candidly about life on the battlefield. Here are articulate and heartfelt descriptions of fear and firefights, of bullets and banalities, of risking death and meeting deadlines.

With over sixty interviews conducted in Kuwait and Iraq shortly after many returned home, Katovsky and Carlson allowed these journalists to step outside their professional role as journalists and examine the lethal allure of combat reporting.

Oruzgan Raid

National Public Radio exposed a misguided raid on a village in Afghanistan, with evidence so convincing that the U.S. military was forced to release all their prisoners.

The Bridge at No Gun Ri

Revealed, with extensive documentation, the decades-old secret of how American soldiers early in the Korean War killed hundreds of Korean civilians in a massacre at the No Gun Ri Bridge.

Shell Games: The Search for Iraq’s Hidden Weapons

United States intelligence services infiltrated agents and espionage equipment for three years into United Nations arms control teams in Iraq to eavesdrop on the Iraqi military without the knowledge of the U.N. agency that it used to disguise its work, according to U.S. government employees and documents describing the classified operation.

The Colonel: The Life and Legend of Robert R. McCormick, 1880-1955

Drawing on McCormick’s personal papers and years of research, Richard Norton Smith has written the definitive life of the towering figure known as The Colonel.

Broken Trust: The Failed Cleanup at the Massachusetts Military Reservation

A six-day series of articles entitled “Broken Trust” was published by the Cape Cod Times in January 1997. The articles discussed the mismanagement and other problems associated with the MMR cleanup.

Armed for Profit: The Selling of U.S. Weapons

An expose by Charles Sennott detailing the complicity of the US government and corporates in marketing advanced conventional weapons the world to boost profits. This came at the expense of jobs at home and the threat of global instability.


Journalists Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson were recognized for their series “Battalion 316” which told of atrocities committed by a secret Honduran Intelligence Unit that had been trained and equipped by the CIA.

Military Secrets and Prisoners on Payroll

Journalists Russel Carollo, Carol Hernandez, Cheryl Reed and Jeff Nesmith published a series of investigations, reporting on the lenient handling of sexual misconduct cases by the military justice system.