News Hole: The Demise of Local Journalism and Political Engagement

The decline of local newspapers is a familiar story. Hundreds of them have shut down, with the loss of thousands of jobs. But News Hole shows that the problem is more than one of locked doors and laid off workers – when a local paper goes, so does the community’s civic health. Lower turnout in local elections, less responsive local officials, less civic engagement, wider polarization, less social trust, weaker community ties, less awareness of what’s going on a City Hall, the school board, and the county commission – in short, when a newspaper goes out of business, the community stops acting like a community. Danny Hayes, Professor of Political Science at George Washington University, and Jennifer L. Lawless, Leone Reaves and George W. Spicer Professor of Politics and Professor of Public Policy at the University of Virginia, aided by dozens of student research assistants, analyzed fifteen years of reporting in more than 200 local newspapers, while also studying election returns, opinion surveys, and other indicators to track community engagement to show that without solid journalism, democracy itself is at risk.

Illegal Democratic Campaign Contributions

Going Negative: How Political Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate

Drawing on both laboratory experiments and the real world of America’s presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional races, the authors show that negative advertising drives down voter turnout – in some cases dramatically – and that political consultants intentionally use ads for this very purpose.

The Rostenkowski Investigation

Public Television for Sale: Media, the Market and the Public Sphere

Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech

Campaign of the Century: Upton Sinclair’s Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics

Series on charges of sexual misconduct against former Senator Brock Adams

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Bob Woodward

The Inaugural Goldsmith Awards ceremony was held in April 1992. It honored veteran journalist Bob Woodward of the Washington Post for his career achievements in investigative journalism.