Health Care’s Giant

The New York Times’ examination of Columbia, including a computer analysis of more than 30-million billing records, casts some light on the government’s concerns. One of the findings was that many Columbia hospitals bill Medicare for high-paying respiratory treatments far more often than do competing hospitals serving similar populations. Federal authorities called such findings an indication of possible overbilling of the program.

Profits from Pain

An investigative journalism series that laid bare the problems with the quality of Florida’s Medicaid HMO treatment system for the poor.

How Medicaid Grew

Smoke Screen, Parts I and II

An year long investigation, Smoke Screen, Parts I and II, shed light on the manipulation of nicotine in cigarettes. The thrust was on how the tobacco industry, through the manufacturing process, is able to control the amount of nicotine in cigarettes.

Home Infusion: Medicine’s New Vein of Gold